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We‘ve seen a whirlwind of change, progress and activity … so much so, that it even extended to the name of our company!

Home Living™You may have come to know us as THG Global Inc. We’ve operated as THG since our inception in 2002. But a decade of continuous growth, expansion and brand development has taken the business to a new plateau. We’ve grown from an importer of items, to a home goods solutions-provider, growing recognition and equity in our signature Home Living™ brand along the way. (We’ve also introduced a number of other new brands, but that’s a story for a different day!)

The Home Living™ brand represents great value and great quality, inspired by style. So to build on the brand’s success and market penetration, we have re-branded our business as Home Living™ Inc. We believe it is a better reflection of our current business operation and focus, of who we are, and what we’re doing.

One name, one promise. Home Living™